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1962 Ford Thunderbird: A Truly Unique Classic

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The iconic Ford Thunderbird was a famous automobile that was manufactured by Ford in the United States for no less than eleven model generations starting in 1955 and ending in 2005. The Thunderbird itself is known for having created a market niche all on its own that eventually developed into what is now known as the personal luxury car.  The Ford Thunderbird set the stage for this type of vehicle, and since then other cars have simply followed in its footsteps.

The truly unique trait to the Thunderbird is that each generation of the Thunderbird changed in some way, with improvements and upgrades being made to these immensely popular cars every few years.  While the basic mechanics of these vehicles were kept pretty similar so that parts could be interchangeable, Ford kept adjusting and advancing the body, the interior, the bells and whistles, the colors, and the options that these cars could come with.  This genius manufacturing plan was what made the Thunderbird famous, and it actually set the stage for how other car companies began to introduce their own classic cars year to year.  What this did for the Thunderbird was that it made each year special.  Because Thunderbirds looked so different one generation to the next, one could own a thunderbird from any year and feel he like or she owned something special.

This method of manufacturing also made each individual Thunderbird incredibly valuable.  Because the car changed so much every two to three years, there were never very many made of any one type.  This racked prices up and made individual Thunderbirds that much more valuable.

The Third Generation Thunderbird

1962 saw many changes for the Thunderbird that had been long anticipated.  A beautiful, vinyl-roofed Landau option with simulated and instantly recognizable S-bars was added to the Thunderbird for 1962 as was a specialty Sports Roadster package for the few convertible models. The Sports Roadster went the extra mile to include 48-spoke Kelsey Hayes-designed wire wheels and a special fiberglass tonneau cover for the rear seats which gave the car the appearance of a two-seat roadster like the original Thunderbird had.  It was a throwback, but a practical one at that.

Newly optional for 1962 also was the first year that Ford offered an upgraded version of the 390 cubic inch V8 called the “M-Code”.  This made the 1962 year incredibly popular because it still had the old, classic body look while sporting something new and fancy under the hood.  The M-Code version of the 390 cubic inch V8 was equipped with three two-barrel Holley carburetors and could produce up to 340 horsepower.  In truth, M-Code V8 Thunderbirds were exceptionally rare with only 200 being sold between the years of 1962 and 1963.

The 1962 Thunderbird truly is one of the most desired Thunderbirds out there.  It represents a key shifting point for Ford when an updated motor was put in a car body that still had a very old look.  Add to that its low production numbers and you have a car that’s instantly quite desirable.

A lot of people would love to own the 1962 Thunderbird.  This is not a car to keep in the garage and never let see the light of day.  This is a car to get out and about with and show off to the world.  The 1962 Ford Thunderbird is an eye-catcher of the very best kind, and it is made even more prominent and noticeable given its rarity and unique look.  Owning a beauty like this truly would be an honor and a pleasure.

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