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1965 Malibu SS: Make Your Friends Green with Envy

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The entire 1960s era of Classic cars is often debated back and forth as being the best decade there was for the Classics. One way or the other, no decade ever quite matched the look and the overall appeal of the 1960s while also being able to provide significant bang for your buck under the hood. In the 1960s cars were tough, well made, well put together, expertly designed, and visually appealing and aesthetic to beat the band. In this decade, one car that is thought to be the embodiment of this trend was the Chevrolet Malibu.

Unlike most classic cars, the Malibu is one car that is actually still in production today. Much has changed of course, but there are a couple key points to this vehicle that still show their face in the newer models. The Chevrolet Malibu is a mid-sized sedan car that has essentially been manufactured and marketed by Chevrolet from 1964 all the way to 1983. Manufacturing of this vehicle stopped for several years, but then picked back up again in the year 1997.

The Malibu began as a trim-level upgrade of the classic and unforgettable Chevrolet Chevelle, and the Malibu became so popular that it became its very own model line with its own production space in 1978. Originally a rear-wheel-drive intermediate as it had been intended, GM revived the Malibu nameplate as a front-wheel-drive car in 1997 and it has for the most part been front wheel drive since then. Named of course after the city of Malibu, California, the Malibu was marketed primarily in North America, with the eighth generation introduced globally and across the planet.

The 1965 Chevy Malibu

The 1965 Malibu was probably one of the best years for the Malibu. Chevy had had a year to work out any kinks (the model lineup started in 1964) but the model hadn’t been changed too much yet.

The very, very first Malibu was a top of the line sub-series of the iconic mid-sized Chevrolet Chevelle which has already made a name for itself. From 1964 to 1972, Malibus were generally available in a full range of body styles and options because they were basically intended to take over the Chevelle as Chevy’s main, base-level vehicle. The Malibu in 1965 included a four-door sedan, two-door Sport Coupe hardtop, convertible version, and a two-seat station wagon. Interested consumers could essentially get almost any kind of combination or arrangement that they wanted out of this car. The sky really was the limit here.

The Malibu was considered an upgrade, and many thought the 1965 to be the best car Chevy had come up with yet. The interiors on the 1965 Malibu were more lavish than even the Chevelle 300 and 300 Deluxe models thanks to patterned cloth and vinyl upholstery just to name one of the main features. The Malibu also featured new technology, deep-twist carpeting, deluxe steering wheel, and other fancy items and trimmings. The Malibu SS, which was easily the most desirable of them all and is to this day the rarest by far, was available only as a two-door Sport Coupe hardtop or convertible with added bucket seats, and center console.

The SS model came in both manual and automatic transmission, and the transmission themselves had option selections to pick from. The SS model had special engine gauges and unique wheel covers. This model was offered with any six-cylinder or V8 engine offered in other Chevelles, with the top option and easily the most desired being a 300 hp, 327 cu in, (5.4 L), version.

1965 truly was a great year for Chevrolet. For the 1965 models, Chevrolet’s new favorite toy, the Malibus, received new grilles and even a flashy revised tail section. The 1965 Malibu had the exhaust pipes replaced into something much more upgradable and more efficient.

A 1965 Malibu SS model truly is something to behold. This is a vehicle that will make anyone stop and look. It catches the eye like no other and is meant to. It harkens back to a time when cars were built to last and were made to be something special and to stay in the family for generations upon generations. Many desire the 1965 Malibu SS, and the few who do have them love them and tend to hold onto them. All in all, this car is an iconic piece of history that many would love to call it their own.

A lot of times it can be tricky to decide which classic car is the best or which one deserves someone’s attention the most, but the Chevrolet Malibu is never a bad choice. Though the 1965 SS model is rare and quite pricey, it is easily the best of the best in the form of being a stellar choice for anyone who wants to own a piece of this great decade’s history.

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