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1968 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside Shortbed: A Pickup with Flair

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The 1968 Chevy C-10 pickup.  Wow, what a pickup!  This truck represents a time when trucks were just as much about flair and aesthetic appeal as they were about workability and reliability and practicality.  The entire era of the Chevy C-10s from 1967 to 1968 had something special to bring to the table, and this iconic model really impressed a lot of people during that time period and in every year since then.

A Look at History

The history of the 1967-1972 Chevrolet C/K Series pickup starts in 1967 when Chevy retired the first generation of the C/K series and came out with the new and improved second generation model.  This model will go down in history for being the model that had all of the excitement, all of the flair, all of the eye-catching splendor, all of the reliability and toughness of the first generation but with none of the bugs, the hooks, the faults, or the weak areas that any first generation vehicle had, the first gen C/K serious included.

The 1968 Chevy C-10 shorted came out in the second year of production of this model, which gave Chevy a year to work out some of the kinks of their second generation model, which granted were already few and far between as it was.  Building on the already very successful first series of C/K pickup, the 1968 came out with a few upgrades that gave it a lot more bang for the buck and a whole new look that was totally revolutionary.  For example, the classic coil springs remained at all four corners beneath the new and improved and re-envisioned 1968 Chevy C10, but an overall, crisp, clean pickup appeared on the outside for all the world to see.  The new look was sharp as could be, and the general consensus even went as far as saying that, “The new Chevy looks even more modern than its half-ton Ford rival of the same year.”  Talk about a smack down to Ford!  1968 was the year of the Chevy, and make no mistake.

What the 1968 Brought Us

The 1968 model C/K pickups were totally unique to that year.  This is completely the case.  The 1968 year featured a few, key changes to the trucks that weren’t in the 1967s, or the 1969s, or any other year ever for that matter.  For example, the 1968 continued to use the all too apparent grille that was integrated with the front fascia yet the 1968 brought in the basically minimally visually intrusive side marker lights and a large back window too.  The 1968 was really going for a, “sleek, cool, smooth, but practical,” look.

A host of trim packages came out with the 1968 too that were not seen prior to this year.  The 1968 trucks emerged during this generation with the proof in the pudding that truck buyers of that era indeed wanted trucks that could play and work and look good while doing it all.  The iconic 1968 Custom Sport Truck (CST), saw car-like features such as a good ol’ cigarette lighter, bright, perky trim inside and out (including on the gas pedal even), and plush carpeting even, and bucket seats were also available too depending on the specific sub-model.  All in all, these 1968s were flashy and exciting, but also they were workhorse trucks that served a purpose, and that purpose was met day in and day out.

The Biggest Differences That Make the 1968 a Legend

The 1968 brought to the table a flair and a beauty that we only got to see for one year.  The most visible change in the 1968 was the addition of flashy, side-marker reflectors on all fenders. Also on the 1968 the GMC grille was revised, with the letters “GMC” no longer embossed in the horizontal crossbar, giving it an even more sleek, “less is more,” type of look to it.

In the year of 1968, Chevrolet celebrated no less than a full 50 years of truck manufacturing, and to commemorate this historic even they released a 50th Anniversary package for the 1968 C-10, which featured for all who wanted it, (and a lot did and do want it), an exclusive white-gold-white paint scheme that is stil today very highly lusted after.

One of Our Favorite Trucks to This Day

The 1968 C-10 is a truck of a generation, and an iconic reminder to an era of 60s trucks that were all about working hard and looking fancy while doing so.  Today, this generation of Chevrolet C10 are some of the most loved collector trucks that are still available, and for good reason too.  These trucks are unique and perfect to the eyes of thousands of collectors. They are drop-dead gorgeous and there is no mistaking that, they have timeless styling that is totally unique to just this one, single year, they possess a good build quality that is designed to last for decades, and they are easily drivable in modern traffic as long as their engines have received a good tuneup.

Production numbers for these trucks were pretty high, which makes them affordable for most serious collectors, and the engines in them are pretty versatile and easy to work on.  They are simple to clean, restore, and upgrade.  All in all, this truck is a mark of a generation and many would be incredibly pleased to call a 1968 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside Shortbed their own.

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