1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

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1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

1969 Burgundy Pontiac Firebird Convertible

The classic, instantly recognizable 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible car is something that any 1960s era enthusiasts would absolutely love to have as their own.  This beauty absolutely takes the cake when it comes to the 1960s cars and what they had to offer.  This car isn’t even just famous for being a classic either, talk about a special muscle car and a classic car combined!  That makes a huge difference and the auto enthusiasts of the nation appreciate the history that is the 1969 Firebird for both its classic appeal and its muscle capabilities.

The Muscle, Pure and Pristine

There were a few things about the 1969 Pontiac Firebird that made it special and keeps it out there and in our minds and in our hearts as a truly special vehicle.  Possibly the biggest excitement over this car doesn’t have anything to do with its appearance, but what’s under the hood of this bad boy.  There was an additional Ram Air IV for the 400 CID engine during 1969, complementing the initial Ram Air III.  With this addition, these generated 345 to 335 hp, blasting out of the water any previous horsepower that this vehicle was capable of. The 350 CID “H.O.” engine was revised as well so it wouldn’t be left out.  It got a completely new package with a different cam and cylinder heads that resulted in 325 hp. During the year of 1969 a special 303 cubic inch engine was designed for SCCA road racing applications that was not actually available in production cars of that era of any other model except for Pontiac.

The Style, Sleek and Smooth

The 1969 model received a major facelift that really made it stand out.  We’re talking a lot of new trimmings and fittings to give it a whole new fresh look that would give it an instant appeal and to a degree revitalize the car and add some more flare to an already very flared up vehicle.  The car ended up getting a brand new front end design but unlike its big brother the GTO, it did not have the Endura bumper that was known for the GTO.  The instrument panel and steering wheel were revised too with all kinds of interesting bells and whistles for the dashboard as well. The ignition switch was moved from the dashboard to the steering column with the introduction of GM’s new locking ignition switch/steering wheel that also came out that year.

Upgrades for an Already Tip Top Classic Car

This wasn’t all for the 1969.  This car truly is something special to own.  In 1969, a $725 optional handling package called the “Trans Am Performance and Appearance Package” was introduced and almost all of these cars ended up getting this package, making them even more interesting and desirable.

All in all, this is a truly great and wonderful find of a classic car.  1969 was a great year for Pontiac, and the 1969 Firebird was the cream of the crop not only for Pontiac, but for all muscle and classic cars everywhere for that year in particular.  Most classic car enthusiasts believe that this car of them all really took the gold for the 1969 year.  Truly, it is a piece of American history and an iconic treasure if one is able to own it.

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