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1971 Chevrolet K20: A Truck Lover’s Dream

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Back in the 1970s, no one was quite building trucks like Chevrolet and GMC was.  The C/K series of Chevy trucks were earning nationwide recognition back then as being the best of the best when it came to affordable trucks, and to this day this series is generally thought of and appreciated with awe and good memories across the boards.

The C/K was actually Chevrolet and GMC’s first full-size pickup truck line from 1960 until 1998 in the United States.  This line became instantly famous for being versatile and highly useful.  These were luxury trucks in the cab and workhorses under the hood.  For this series, the “C” indicated two-wheel drive and the “K” indicated four-wheel drive, signifying that these trucks were made with many different options available to the consumer.  The C/K series eventually evolved into the Silverado and other similar trucks in the 1990s, but nothing was quite as significant as the 1970s models of these beautiful pieces of truck history.  Truly, the K20s and other versions of the Chevy trucks during the 70s were all one and the same absolute truck lover’s dreams.

The 1971 K20

Several changes occurred in 1971 that made the K20 something special for the 1970s series. First came another new grille design that had never been seen before and which really stuck with people for being unique and special.  Next up, an additional trim package was introduced called the Cheyenne. On GMC models, this was referred to as the Sierra, but it was basically the same trim package.

That wasn’t the only change for 1971 though.  In fact, this was also the first year for AM/FM radios to be factory installed in these iconic trucks. Finally, the front brakes on all light-duty trucks were switched from drum brakes to disc brakes, resulting in much less brake fade under heavy use of the trucks. Finally, 1971 also borough on the change of the 396 V8 emblem designation to 400 V8.

A Piece of Truck History

The 1971 Chevrolet K20 is truly a truck lover’s fantasy truck.  It is a solid and well-built and incredibly durable truck through and through, but it is also comfortable and luxurious and immensely fun to drive.  The 1971 Chevrolet K20 represented an era where trucks began to be made to reflect both comfort and durability.  This truck has the bang for the buck and the power under the hood to hold its own with even modern day V8s, something the 1960 trucks just didn’t have.  In the cab though, the 1971 Chevrolet K20 has a luxury and an attention to detail that most modern vehicles are pretty lacking in.  One and the same, these vehicles and all that they embody are incredibly pleasant and highly desired by all who love old, classic trucks.

The 1971 Chevrolet K20 series was a pretty rare truck, and not a huge number of them were produced.  However, the simplicity of the design and the ability to interchange a lot of parts with other C/K trucks from the 1970s have kept prices manageable for this model.  This is perfect because this allows for many different car collectors and classics enthusiasts to get their hands on a truck like this without having to break the bank too tremendously.

For many, this truck is a dream classic, and it can be purchased at less than what most classics cost too.  If one wants to restore such a truck, it is cheaper than most classic restorations are, given that the vehicle’s parts are so interchangeable. All in all, this truck is a great choice and a beloved item for many classic truck enthusiasts all across the United States.

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