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1973 Pontiac – Trans Am 455: Edgy and Adventurous

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There’s nothing that quite says, “Classic American muscle”, than the Pontiac Trans Am, especially the Trans Ams from the 1970s.  This was a decade that took the looks and the eye candy appeal of the original 1960s bodies’ styles and added the muscle and the power of the newer, more high tech, more centrally powered 1970s engine models.  These by and large were some of the best of the best that American cars had to offer, and the Pontiac Trans Am really stood out as being a power king amongst powerhouse cars.

When it came to the Trans Am, the edgy, classy, and ever popular Trans Am 455 took the cake in popularity not only then, but in every decade since then too.  The 1973 Pontiac Trans Am 455 is and always has been a real, real beauty.  These cars had value back in the 1970s, and that value has only skyrocketed since then. These cars are an eye-catcher for even the most amateur classic car collectors, and these vehicles really took the cake not only in racing but in collecting too.

Pontiac’s Favorite Car

The iconic Trans Am, and especially the 455 was always initially a specialty package for the infamous and sadly deceased Pontiac line up of ever popular top rated automobiles.  These cars were typically upgraded a lot, because everyone who had one wanted to make theirs, “one of a kind.”  The Pontiac Trans Am was meant to be customizable, with different things like handling, suspension, and horsepower all being tweak-able.  People could even take the 455 and do minor appearance modifications such as exclusive hoods, spoilers, fog lights, and wheels too.

The Trans Am 455, particularly the 1970s model, was the highlight of Pontiac’s luxury performance muscle cars.  These cars are still immensely popular and very valuable today.  The first thing that anyone thinks of when Pontiac is mentioned is the Trans Am.  That model made this car famous and legendary to this day.  Even though Pontiac is no longer manufacturing cars, the legacy of the iconic 70s Trans Am keeps the memory and the image alive and will continue to do so for decades to come.

The 1973 Trans Am 455: A Hot Car for Any Collector

This model has everything that the original Trans Am had and more with 110% effort put in on quality and overall excellence of vehicle.  The year 1973 was far enough along in the age range of the Trans Ams, but not new enough yet to lose some of that old quality Classic flair.

This is a true Pontiac model, and a testament to a generation.  The Trans Am is a car that truly can be appreciated by anyone who loves classic cars and who wants to own one for themselves.  For those who love a good ride in a safe, well built, expertly gone over, fast, and well handling car that also represents a special era in the automotive industry that will stand out in our minds forever, the 1973 455 is a must.

Actual production cars for the Pontiac Trans Am were the first of its kind to actually yield 1/4 mile results in the high 14 to 15.0 second/98 MPH range.  The results are consistent with a 3,850 pound car, (plus the driver’s weight of course), and the rated 290 SAE net horsepower figure too.  This was the first Pontiac to do this, and the 1973 model set the stage for Pontiac racing excellence and quality.

Here’s how the production rates break down for these beautiful cars

  • 2 door base 6- & 8-cylinder, 14,096 units
  • 2 door Esprit 8-cylinder, 17,249 units
  • 2 door Formula 8-cylinder, 10,123 units
  • 2 door Formula SD 455 8-cylinder, 43 units
  • 2 door Trans Am 8-cylinder, 4,550 units
  • 2 door Trans Am SD 455 8-cylinder, 252 units
  • Total: 46,313 units

There’s even more to the 1973 Pontiac Trans Am that makes it a beauty and a famous car.  In 1973 and 1974 for example, a special version of the 455, (called the Super Duty 455 “SD-455”), was offered to the general public.  This was the peak of the mountain for Pontiac Trans Am, and these were arguably the best of the best when it came to performance and reliability. The SD-455 consisted of an impressively strengthened cylinder block that included hefty and strong 4-bolt main bearings and added material in various locations for improved strength all throughout the engine block. Original plans called for a forged crankshaft too, although actual production SD455s received nodular iron crankshafts with minor enhancements to them for cost effectiveness and for overall efficiency.  All in all, this sub-series model was not only the rarest of them all, but it was the best of the best, and it is easily the most valuable and the most sought after Pontiac Trans Am 455 that there ever was.

The 455 is a truly unique car, because it wasn’t produced for long, and there weren’t that many units made all told.  Pontiac offered the iconic 455 through the 1976 model year of course, but tightening restrictions on vehicle emissions of this specialty guaranteed its demise and crunched down on the numbers in its last year of production. Because of this, the 1976 Trans Am was the last of the “Big Cube Birds,” with only 7,100 units produced with that so widely desired 455 engine.  All in all, the 455 was an icon, and the 1973 model was arguably the best year for this vehicle.  Now more than ever perhaps these models are needed and wanted by many enthusiasts all across the nation.  No wonder as to why either, as these cars brought something to the table that nothing else from the 1970s ever could.

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