1971 Chevrolet K20: A Truck Lover’s Dream


Back in the 1970s, no one was quite building trucks like Chevrolet and GMC was.  The C/K series of Chevy trucks were earning nationwide recognition back then as being the best of the best when it came to affordable trucks, and to this day this series is generally thought of and appreciated with awe and good memories across the boards.

The C/K was actually Chevrolet and GMC’s first full-size pickup truck line from 1960 until 1998 in the United States.  This line became instantly famous for being versatile and highly useful.  These were luxury trucks in the cab and workhorses under the hood.  For this series, the “C” indicated two-wheel drive and the “K” indicated four-wheel drive, signifying that these trucks were made with many different options available to the consumer.  The C/K series eventually evolved into the Silverado and other similar trucks in the 1990s, but nothing was quite as significant as the [...]


The iconic Ford Thunderbird was a famous automobile that was manufactured by Ford in the United States for no less than eleven model generations starting in 1955 and ending in 2005. The Thunderbird itself is known for having created a market niche all on its own that eventually developed into what is now known as the personal luxury car.  The Ford Thunderbird set the stage for this type of vehicle, and since then other cars have simply followed in its footsteps.

The truly unique trait to the Thunderbird is that each generation of the Thunderbird changed in some way, with improvements and upgrades being made to these immensely popular cars every few years.  While the basic mechanics of these vehicles were kept pretty similar so that parts could be interchangeable, Ford kept adjusting and advancing the body, the interior, the bells and whistles, the colors, and the options that these cars could come with.  This [...]



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 Finding common interests with your grandchildren in a rapidly-evolving technological world is tricky; getting them interested in dated technology, like classic cars, can be even trickier. Sharing your passion is a wonderful way to bond and share a piece of yourself they might not otherwise know about, as well as an opportunity to pass on your knowledge to future generations. But in a world of smartphones, tablets, and there’s-an-app-for-that, how can you inspire them to look back instead of forward?

Don’t worry — you can spark their interest, and we’re here to help you ignite and fan the flames! This guide will help you create an invaluable bond with your grandchild by sharing your love of classic cars. Whether you routinely fix [...]


Here’s the ride of anyone’s life. A classic car amongst classic cars that stands out as a testament to the iconic 1970s era of classics. This convertible is something truly special though, and it rests on its wheels as an emperor amongst kings when it comes to classic cars.

The infamous 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible is a car made for speed, and it’s been modified to really show its colors in that area too and be able to pack a powerful punch under the hood that stands up on the track to modern day vehicles. Most of the 1971 Dodge R/Ts had the infamous and instantly recognizable 440ci six pack which was one of Dodge’s best engines of that time frame. These cars also sported the much needed 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission, and if they didn’t come with this package as standard then most were upgraded to include it. The 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T [...]



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Teaching your kids how to work on a car is an excellent hands-on learning opportunity. Not only are you able to pass on important — potentially life-saving! — real-world knowledge, you also get a unique chance to bond. But children can sometimes get overzealous when it comes to their abilities and know-how, so it’s important to keep them within their safety limitations.

We’ve outlined 12 projects for you to work on with your child of elementary, middle, or high school age — whether you’re an avid car lover hoping to pass on your passion to your offspring or an auto newbie hoping to make it a joint learning experience. Keep in mind that some kids may need a little more time, skill, or maturity before trying more complex [...]

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