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6 Tips for Prepping Your Car for an Auto Show

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One of the most cherished moments that classic car owners get to experience is featuring their loved car in an auto show.  For some classic car owners, this is a huge driving force to own such a vehicle.  These cars are cherished and loved and enjoyed time and time again year after year after year, and the moments when they really shine is when a classic car owner gets to take his beauty out and show it off to the world in a car show.

When it comes to a classic car show, it really is all about the presentation.  The presentation is everything, and the overall look of your car will make a grandiose difference one way or the other in how your car does in the show.  So of course, one of any classic car owner’s primary questions is going to be, “What do I have to do to make my classic a winner?  What do I have to do to make my car shine and sparkle and really catch peoples’ eye?”

This article will go over a few such ways to make your car stand out at its next show.

Tips to Make a Classic Look and Perform Great for a Show

What a lot of people forget is that it’s not just about the appearance of the car.  It goes deeper than that too.  For example, some great ways to fully prepare your car for a show are:

  1. Detail clean the car, inside and out.  This goes without saying.  But if you were to ever spend extra, extra time and money on detailing your car, now would be the time to do it.  You want that work of art masterpiece to roll onto the car show like its rolling off the factory assembly line.  Brand new and sparkling.  An expert, expert detailed car will make all the difference in snagging first place at your next car show.
  2. Touch up the car.  This is taking detailing to the next level.  Nicked paint here?  Smudge there?  Oil stain here?  Bird droppings there?  No matter how much you detail your car, things like this could happen in the interim from when you have it detailed to when it is shown in the car show.  Be sure that you are ready to touch it up!
  3. Only use fresh tires for a car show.  Yes, judges will look at the amount of tread on your tires and yes, if yours is less than your competitors they will score you lower because of it.  So always keep a fresh pair of tires handy that you only use for car shows.
  4. Clean the glass till it sparkles.  The glass on your car should be so clean that it is practically invisible.  Glass is the easiest thing to smudge, and it is also the easiest thing to notice when it is smudged.  Take extra precautions and care with your glass.
  5. Auto literature and readables.  Now that you’ve set your car up, consider having a small picnic table or folding table set up next to your car with brochures, adds, owner’s manuals, etc. about your car that talk about it or provide juicy literature about it.  It adds to the presentation.
    1. Consider shipping your vehicle to the car show.  This is a great method for getting the car to the show in one piece and in such a way that it arrives spick and span and absolutely beautiful.  This will give you the peace of mind and the comfort that you need that your car won’t be damaged or tarnished at all on the way to the show.

    Prepping for a car show can be somewhat nerve wracking, but the reward and the enjoyment in the long run is worth it.  Follow the above guidelines when you’re getting ready for the show (the above is to a great deal the things that judges notice the most) and you will be on your way to first place in no time.

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