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  • V6
  • One Owner Car
  • All Accessories Except Sunroof

1969 GMC C10

Super Custom

Completely restored beauty with a Custom Interior, including a Custom Steering Wheel, a Turbo 350 V8 with Demon Carb, Performa RPM Manifold, Headers, Dual Exhaust, 700R 4 Speed Automatic Transmission, Power Steering and Brakes, GMC AM/FM Stereo system with Headliner Speakers, Cowl Hood, Oversize 20 Inch Custom Chrome Wheels and Tires, and a beautiful New Wood Bed Floor.

A very rare automobile. A one owner, numbers matching beauty with only 18,101 documented miles. Powered by a 426 Chrysler Wedge V8. Ordered From the factory in Race configuration w/Radio/Heater delete option, w/heavy duty power brake, manual steering, and a 4 speed HD transmission. Car comes with original bank finance papers, original custom order form, original warranty card, and 1965 owner’s manual.

2018 RAM SLT

Crew Cab 4WD
  • Crew Cab
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • 16,000 Miles
  • Factory Warranty
  • Last Year for Original Riviera Design
  • 455 Buick V8
  • Numbers Matching Car
  • All 1970 GM Accessories
  • Everything Works
  • Drives Like New
  • 88,482 Miles

1972 GMC C10

  • Recent Frame-Off Restoration
  • Custom Interior
  • Custom Metallic Paint
  • GM Automatic Transmission
  • 383 Custom Built GM V8
  • Headers
  • Edelbrock Intake
  • Over 400 Horse Power
  • 93,355 Miles
  • May 30, 2018
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  • Automatic Transmission
  • Supercharged V8
  • Over 750 Horse Power
  • 30,000 Miles
  • All Corvette Accessories
  • A Real HELLCAT Eater
  • Automatic Transmission
  • 59,000 Miles
  • Loaded
  • May 30, 2018
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  • GM Automatic Transmission with Paddle Shifters
  • All Camaro Accessories
  • Corvette LS1 Engine
  • Over 500 Horse Power
  • 38,000 Miles

1965 Dobbertin Chevy Nova

One of a Kind!
  • May 30, 2018
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  • Custom Race Car Built by Rick Dobbertin in Early 1980s
  • Car Has Been Featured in over 28 Racing-Speed Magazines
  • Dual Superchargers
  • Dual Nitrous Tanks
  • Develops 1200-1500 Horsepower
  • One-of-a-Kind Race Machine!
  • 21,647 Miles
  • May 30, 2018
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  • Numbers Matching
  • One Owner Car
  • Original Factory Protecto Plate
  • Muncie M21 4-Speed Transmission
  • LT1 350ci/370 Horsepower V8 Engine
  • Frame-Off Restoration
  • 87,175 Miles
  • Still Under Factory Warranty
  • 12K Miles
  • Like New
  • Off Lease
Classic Cars

Classic cars are things of beauty, admiration, and interest to both classic car enthusiasts and to general passersby too.  Classic cars carry with them not only the physical, aesthetic appeal of which they embody, but also a touch of history too that comes from giving people a look into the past and into the era from which that particular car came from.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of classic cars, ranging from trucks, sedans, coupes, convertibles, and even vans and off road, 4×4 vehicles.  No matter what kind of interest a person has when it comes to classic cars, odds are that they can find dozens if not hundreds of different cars in the category that interests them.

Classic Cars

Classic and vintage cars alike are all interesting in their own way, though that does not mean that they are all equal in value.  Collector cars area are another echelon of [...]

Pre-Owned Cars

A lot of people wonder how to go about buying a new car for themselves and they wonder what route to take will be the best route overall.  They wonder this, and not without good reason too.  There is a level of concern and confusion, especially when there are as many options as there currently are when it comes to shopping for new or certified pre-owned cars.

Used Cars – Pre-Owned Cars

Used cars.  Such a common and interesting topic!  In all honesty, most people buy used cars.  That is just the bare and simple truth of it.  Brand new cars are certainly very desirable, but perhaps a bit overkill.  The result?  Not as many people buying new cars as people buying used cars.  Even then though, there are still confusions, misunderstandings, and miscommunications that occur, and people still get confused on how and why used cars are the right option to pick.

Right off [...]

2017 Electric Cars

Here is a big question that has been bandied about left and right, front and center, and everywhere else in-between in the last several years.  Are electric cars worth the investment?  Should we start thinking about them more?  What is the big idea with them, really?

If you think back to the early 2000s, this country saw a sudden surge of electric vehicles coming into the marketplace.  Not hybrid cars mind you, but real deal, electricity powered, no gasoline involved, electric automobiles.  These cars were made affordable to the American middle class, and purchases were flying out of the factories.

Then they all disappeared.  Why?  Recalls.  Now, there is some controversy here, namely as to the exact ethics under which the electric cars were recalled.  Many say that it was a bit of a conspiracy, and that big auto manufactures were worried that the cars would ruin their cash cows (gasoline powered cars) before big [...]

  • May 22, 2017
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Family Cars

Everyone wants to be able to get into the “best car” or best family cars.  They want to have the set of wheels that will combine the best of all of the worlds, the best fuel economy, the best cargo space, the best passenger space, the best handling, the best bells and whistles, the best price for value, the best reliability, the best overall performance, the best durability in harsh weather, the best safety features, the best acceleration and, to top it all off, the best look and overall appeal.

This is a little bit silly and whimsical, as to really excel in a few categories usually means you have to sacrifice other categories.  But not always.  Car technology is getting better and better as the years go by, and now people are finding that the “do it all” cars are quite appealing.  For example, the truck market is especially booming, because people can get [...]

Fuel Efficient Cars

Do fuel efficient cars provide more safety?  As a general rule and strictly by that definition, not necessarily.  But, can you buy a fuel efficient car that is also very safe?  Absolutely.  With things like fuel efficiency, safety, reliability, longevity of life, durability, ease of use, and ease of maintenance being top selling factors for cars, it makes sense to try to find a model of car that meets all of these points.  Thankfully, with the current strength of the emphasis that there is on things like fuel economy and safety for passengers and drivers, it is not difficult to find a car that is both fuel efficient and very safe.

In fact, in one way, fuel efficiency and safety often do align themselves very well.  For example, very safe cars will often be things like mini-vans, crossovers, compact SUVs, and luxury sedans.  Cars that tend to not be as safe are sports cars and [...]

First Car

We all want to see our young adults get into cars that are safe for them to drive. As parents, the prospect of our kids getting their first car and starting to drive can be pretty nerve-racking for us. Teenagers and young adults do not have the years of experience that the veteran car driver has, and they are more prone to accidents than older adults are. Statistically speaking, teens get into accidents three times more often than older adults do, whether they are just fender benders or more serious collisions. Also statistically speaking, young adults in their early 20s get in double the number of accidents as older adults do, or even just adults over the age of 30. With these statistics in mind, it makes sense why we are so concerned about making sure that the first car our young one gets is a good one.

Tips On Buying Their First Car
Vehicle Resale Value

One of the biggest things that we think about when it comes to buying a new or certified, preowned car is what the vehicle resale value of that car will be or won’t be.  We ask around and hunt and punch a bit and we try to locate that one car or truck that fits the aspirations of what we want, and that will meet all of our requirements, and that will have a good resale value too.  Our mission is to find something that is a good car or truck, and that we also won’t lose a lot of money on.

This article shows the top five cars and trucks that hold their value the most.  All of these vehicles are available today and are pretty easy to get a hold of, and for a combination of reasons, these cars and trucks in particular tend to resell for closer to their original price than [...]

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