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A one owner car with only 5,500 actual miles. Cannot be told from new. Has all the accessories available and has been kept inside all its life.

Nothing says, “Unbeatable classic car”, like a 1964 Pontiac GTO with a manual transmission. This car right here is a one of a kind beauty. This model is all fun and games on the exterior and on the interior, but under the hood is all business and it always has been. This car has been impeccably restored and gone over top to bottom, side to side, front to back, and every which way in between. This particular model is in brand new condition with only thirty thousand miles on the engine, setting its future owner up for a car that can be used and shown off for decades into the future. It has a smooth, easy shifting manual transmission, rear wheel drive, and an eight cylinder engine that really rolls the power on.

When this particular GTO was restored, it was done so with a love for the history of the vehicle but with thought [...]

What a year for a great car! The 1965 Chevy Mal SS was the epitome of Chevrolet’s brilliance and ingenuity in cars of that age and time period. For 1965, Malibus and other Chevelles of that year received new grilles and revised tail sections and had the exhaust pipes replaced but carried over the same basic styling and body styles from 1964. Basically, this was the year that Chevrolet worked out the kinks and made a car that was already a really good car into a great car. Some of the more classic and iconic embodiments of the cars stayed the same though, with the Malibu and Malibu SS models continued as before with the SS featuring a blacked-out grille and special wheel covers that were very liked and very desired across the boards. With the 1965 Chevy Mal SS, the top engine option was now a 350 hp, 5.4 liter, V8. Upgrades were the [...]

This 1974 Chevy K10 is a real beauty of a truck. This Chevy is in stellar shape inside and out. Cosmetically you couldn’t ask for a better truck from this era. The exterior metal has been meticulously gone over by our specialists, detail crew, and touch up painters. The interior has been detailed and is very clean. This truck has been well taken care of and we’ve gone even further to get it to almost new condition.

The truck rests on 35” tires and a 4” lift. The entire body has been worked over with Rhino Liner for looks and for protection both. The engine has been meticulously inspected and tested, and we’ve replaced many of the old parts that are due for renewal. The truck boasts a 350 engine with working air conditioning, power brakes, power steering, and tilt wheel.

True Chevy enthusiasts will love this truck, and it is sure to turn heads [...]

Now this is a car that you will not see out cruising the beat on a regular basis. This car is the embodiment of rare, and there are thought to be very few of them in the United States currently. The 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider was a special car to say the least and it was very much liked and admired all across the nation.

For a little bit of history on the car, the Series 3 Spider was first initially previewed in North America for the 1982 model year with the introduction of 2.0 liter Bosch electronic fuel injection to replace the SPICA mechanical injection that was standard in the Series 2. The Series 3 was considered to be the, “Coming into the fold” year for the Spiders, and the 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider could not embody that concept any better.

To look further into it, the Spider underwent a major styling revamp in [...]

1965 was a very popular year for the Buick Riviera. This was the first year of the second generation of the car, and if it wasn’t for the nameplate some people would not think that the 1965 and the 1966 were both Rivieras. In fact, the Riviera was completely redesigned for the 1966 model year to give it a new look that was more current with the times. Though it did retain its cruciform frame, typical power train, and brake style, the 1965 Buick Riviera wore a longer, wider, more curvaceous body that modernized the iconic and basically revolutionary “sweep spear” inspired belt line introduced in the previous generation. This was the embodiment of this look and it was instantly and immensely popular.

For the 1965 Buick Riviera, this generation shared its basic platform with the Oldsmobile Toronado, and, just a year later, with the Cadillac Eldorado too, yet the differences between those three cars [...]

The 1965 Buick WildCat is quite the classic car. It packs a punch and a wallop as far as power goes, yet it is perfect and intrinsically excellent at being comfortable, safe, and well-built and easy to maintain. The 1965 Buick WildCat is a favorite amongst classic car enthusiasts who want a car from the 1960s but who want one that is affordable, that is fast, that is well built, that is easy to maintain, that is not excessively complicated, and that will withstand the test of time and be a comfortable ride for all who tour in it for years to come. The 1965 Buick WildCat presents and offers all this and more.

The 1965 Buick WildCat was the first year of the second generation of the Buick WildCats. It was hailed as being revolutionary for 1960s era cruising town cars. The 1965 Buick WildCat was built for comfort and it introduced some upholstery [...]

Few classic can create the appeal and the pure recognition of the iconic Ford Mustang. It has been called the most famous and the most popular American classic muscle car before by many professionals, and not without good reason too. This is a car that is impressive and historic. The car is one of the few muscle cars from the classic era that is still in production today, and those who have seen these cars and who have enjoyed them truly do put a lot of attention and dedication into them.

What better Mustang to have than a first generation Mustang? The first generation Mustangs were manufactured between 1965 and 1973. The 1966 Ford Mustang is a great year to own because the 1966 Ford Mustang is the second year of production, meaning that the car looks as original as can be while also having a lot of the kinks worked out of it.

This [...]

Only a few of these cars were built. This is a unique car because it has a Chrysler power train with a BIG 440 Chrysler V/8. Any Chrysler dealership can work on the powertrain. This is a very FAST car and priced right in an excellent condition. You will be proud to own this BEAUTY.

The 1969 Buick Stage Convertible was thought by many to be the hallmark of the 1960s Buicks. In fact, for years the Buick motor company had not stepped into the muscle or performance car category as other major auto manufacturers had. By the late 1960s, Buick was ready for its power play, and boy did they really deliver.

The 1969 Buick Stage Convertible is considered to be one of the most desirable and one of the rarest of the Buick performance vehicles from that era. Considered by many to be a marketing tactic, Buick had been holding back on releasing its first versions of muscle and performance cars for some time. True enough, Buick didn’t really shine in the performance area until the late 1960s.

1969 saw Buick absolutely challenge the muscle car market with its infamous GS Stage 1 model that featured a very impressive 400 cid motor that was a stroked and bored [...]

This was one of the most stable, smooth, and cool cruiser cars of the 1970s. The 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix brought a whole new look to a car that was already quite popular and which simply became even more popular as a result of such styling. In fact, minor styling revisions for the car included a new cross-hatch grille up front and triple cluster taillights in the back of the ride. Inside the vehicle, more changes occurred. For the interior the traditional “burled-elm” trim was replaced by a new teakwood design and upholstery trim patterns for vinyl and cloth selections were revised for both bucket and bench seat offerings that the car was now available in.

Not much changed under the hood in 1972. Why? Pontiac had a great thing going with the engine set up for its 1970s era Grand Prixes, so if it wasn’t broken then why fix it! Engine offerings remained the [...]

A California Movie Studio car. This Challenger was featured in three movies:  “Bad Moms”, “Fast” and “Black Jack”.

442 converted into a Hurst Clone. Interior is Like New and the car drives Like New. Has original Manual included.

  • 455 GM V8
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Power Steering and Brakes
  • Console

An original numbers matching Firebird with Original Build Sheet and Factory Order Sheet. Like new!

  • Original 350 V8
  • Turbo Hydramatic Transmission
  • Power Steering and Brakes
  • Custom Radio
  • Custom Chrome Wheels

A matching numbers, one owner car. Completely disassembled and full nut and bolt restoration done 300 miles ago. Original Bill of Sale and Protecto Plate Documentation.

  • 396/375 HP Chevy V8
  • M21 Muncie 4 Speed Transmission
  • Stereo AM/FM Radio
  • Power Steering and Power Disc Brakes
  • Knee Kocker Tachometer and Gauges
  • 12-Bolt Positive Traction Rear End
  • Original Red Line Tires and Wheels, Plus a Set of Cragars on the Car

A matching numbers car restored from the frame up in 2006. Has original Protecto Plate.

  • LT-1 350/370 HP V8
  • Muncie M22 4 Speed Transmission
  • Factory T-Tops
  • Corvette Rally Wheels
  • New BF Goodrich Tires
  • Original Saddle Interior
  • Under 87,000 Miles

Without a doubt, for many classic cars the best year to get such a vehicle is the last year of the first generation of that car.  First generation classic cars are almost always the most desirable ones, and the last year of that generation is often the wisest choice.  Not always, but most often the last year of any first gen car will have all of the kinks worked out, yet it will still gave all of the original look and feel of that first gen that everyone gets so excited about.  Now, that is not to say that second, third, fourth, and even fifth generation classics are not just as great.  A lot of people prefer them.  But generally speaking, it is often true that the first generation, and the last few years or the last year of that first generation is the way to go.

This is most definitely the wisest choice by [...]

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