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Classic Cars – The 10 Most Undervalued

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Classic cars are things of beauty, admiration, and interest to both classic car enthusiasts and to general passersby too.  Classic cars carry with them not only the physical, aesthetic appeal of which they embody, but also a touch of history too that comes from giving people a look into the past and into the era from which that particular car came from.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of classic cars, ranging from trucks, sedans, coupes, convertibles, and even vans and off road, 4×4 vehicles.  No matter what kind of interest a person has when it comes to classic cars, odds are that they can find dozens if not hundreds of different cars in the category that interests them.

Classic Cars

Classic and vintage cars alike are all interesting in their own way, though that does not mean that they are all equal in value.  Collector cars area are another echelon of classic cars that are valuable and unique in their own way and for their own reasons.  For the most part, these cars tend to be a lot more valuable simply because there are less of them, so the value goes up per car as the supply of them is far less than with other classic cars.

Such cars can also be more valuable than others because of something about them that is unique or that was done differently with that car as opposed to a different car.  Some cars can also be more valuable because they are in better condition, or because of some original aspect to the car is undamaged and left in great shape.  They can also be more valuable because of a scarcity of parts or an overall exclusiveness to the car itself.  Sometimes all of these factors in and of themselves can add up to make a super exclusive, super valuable car that exceeds the competition in how valuable and pricey it can be.

Listed below are the ten most undervalued classics out there:

  1. 1970–1973 Datsun 240Z.  Almost all of us know of this cool little car. One of the first Japanese sports cars in America and highly valuable yet severely undervalued. When other, similar cars are looked at, one would think that the 1970–1973 Datsun 240Z would be worth $30-40K, but you can get one for less than $15K.
  2. 1969–1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet. There are few of these around, yet you can get one for right around six figures. Comparatively, that’s very low.
  3. 1964–1970 Pontiac GTO. One would think that these cars would be even more exclusive since Pontiac went out of business, but you can pick one up for less than thirty grand.
  4. 1969–1973 Triumph TR6. The 1969–1973 Triumph TR6 can be had for about $15K, even though you’d think a rare and exclusive little speedster like this would be worth a lot more.
  5. 1972–1975 Porsche 914 2.0. This car is just as cool to a lot of people as the 911, but can be purchased for as low as $8-12K.
  6. 1985–1991 Yugo! Cheap, cheap, cheap!
  7. 1965–1975 Station Wagons. As often as you see these in Hollywood family movies, you’d think these would be worth more, but they are not.  $8-10K on average.
  8. 1965–1985 Pickup Trucks. These two decades are a steal for classic pickups. You can get one in original condition for under ten grand.
  9. Oddball Cars. The 1975 AMC Pacer X Levi’s Edition and a 1973–1974 VW Thing.
  10. Professional Cars.  You’d be amazed how cheap classic limousines, hearses, and ambulances are. You can get one for next to nothing in bad condition, and not much more in good condition.

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