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Classic, Vintage & Antique: How to Identify Your Car’s Classification

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Classic cars, vintage cars, antique cars, these are some of the most loved cars out there.  We get really excited about these cars for a variety of different reasons.  We like the way they look, as there is nothing out there on the road today quite like a particular classic car.  What a unique thing to look at!  We also like them for their history.  They show us a glimpse at the past, and they make that past live on in their embodiment.  We also like them for what we get out of them.  A hobby, a mode of transportation, a method of getting around, a method of moving from one place to the other, something to do with our time, and something that we can get excited about.  It all comes together to be something pretty great.  We can even take these cars to car shows and get even more out of them there, and get the same interest and appreciation that we have in our car out of other people.

How Cars are Classified

Classic cars, vintage cars, and antique cars, not quite the same thing, but all pretty similar.  How do you specify which one you have?  You’re going to want to know the difference, so you can know which forums to check out, which shows to enter into, and which people to talk to about your car.  Listed below is some information on how to tell what kind of car you have:

So, you can see to a degree that a car can be an antique while also being a classic, and vice versa.  A car can also be an antique while also being a vintage car too. And vice versa.  The important factor is simply of age and worth.  Basically all cars that are older than a couple decades are antiques, but that doesn’t necessarily make them exceptionally valuable.  Certain classic cars in good shape are very valuable (cars made in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s), and certain vintage cars are very valuable too (anything older than 1960s models).  All in all, any old car is just fun and great regardless of its monetary value.  Since we pursue the dream and the excitement of older cars not so much for monetary gain as we do as a hobby, it’s more important to pick one that we like and just go with it!

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