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First Car Shopping: 5 Safest Used Cars for Teens

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We all want to see our young adults get into cars that are safe for them to drive. As parents, the prospect of our kids getting their first car and starting to drive can be pretty nerve-racking for us. Teenagers and young adults do not have the years of experience that the veteran car driver has, and they are more prone to accidents than older adults are. Statistically speaking, teens get into accidents three times more often than older adults do, whether they are just fender benders or more serious collisions. Also statistically speaking, young adults in their early 20s get in double the number of accidents as older adults do, or even just adults over the age of 30. With these statistics in mind, it makes sense why we are so concerned about making sure that the first car our young one gets is a good one.

Tips On Buying Their First Car

  • First up, before we talk about any individual brands, your teen will do a lot better in a newer car than an older one. New cars have phenomenal safety technology. Have you ever gone on YouTube and watched comparisons of old cars being crash tested versus new cars? The differences and what happens to the test dummies is phenomenal.  As much as your teen might want to drive around in that old classic beauty, be sure to put them in a newer car where they will be safer.
  • When looking at a newer car, consider putting your teen into an SUV as opposed to a smaller, two door car. Definitely not a convertible. SUVs and minivans tend to be rated better for safety than sedan or coupes are.
  • Volvo has been setting the standard by and large when it comes to safety. Their newest SUV recently hit top of the charts for all safety categories. The company itself is standing by their name and their brand for making incredibly safe vehicles.
  • Hyundai has also been known for the safety features of their cars. An added perk to buying a Hyundai is that this company is also one of the greenest car manufacturing companies in the world.
  • Though it will cost you more, Mercedes-Benz is also known for their safety features. Particularly in their SUVs, Mercedes-Benz has begun to lead the way for luxury cars that have added and significant safety features.

The truth of the matter is that every single car manufacturing company is going to have great safety features in their automobiles. The simple truth is that the technology is there now, so all auto manufacturing companies are using the technology of safety so as not to be out sold by their competitors. When considering buying a new car, check with various official agencies that have it as they’re responsibility to write reports based off of their safety inspections. While it might seem like splitting hairs, these authorities will actually get down to the minute details of why one car is a little bit safer than the competition.

A Perfect Car Buying Experience for Your Teen’s First Car

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