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When Gas Mileage Counts: How to Find a Car that Meets Your Needs

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Finding a car that meets your exact needs is not always easy.  In fact, it can get pretty tricky, pretty quickly, especially if you are quite selective in what you are looking for in a car.  There are so many different things to consider, and generally being really unshakable in any one area means having to give up on another area.  For example, if you want a roomy ride, you will probably have to sacrifice some gas mileage or fuel economy.

Is Gas Mileage What’s Important to You?

So the real question becomes your effort of figuring out what is important to you and what points you can slide on.  In this article posted to, Sue Halpern told her story of the trials of trying to find a car in today’s market that she could be happy with.  She tells a long tale of test driving many different vehicles, all of which could meet some of her needs, but not all of them.  She says that:

“The landscape, as I saw it—bleak and dispiriting—looked like this: If I wanted a car that was pleasant to drive, it would have less than optimal gas mileage. If I wanted a car with optimal gas mileage, it would be unpleasant to drive or impractical. By impractical, I mean too small…”

As you can see, her struggle was a real one, and a lot of car buyers today experience similar struggles.  What are the important factors?  What do you need to have?  And what can you do without?

The Important Things to Consider

There are a few key points that most responsible and experienced car buyers know to consider when it comes to buying a new car.  Here are a few of them:

  • Fuel economy is king.  There are so many reasons to buy a car that has good fuel economy.  This should be one of your top considering factors.  Fuel economy makes sense in more ways than one.  Getting a car with good gas mileage helps the car pay for itself.  A car that only costs you one-hundred dollars every two months in gas will be far easier to keep than a car that costs you a hundred dollar bill in gas every two weeks.  That will really start to add up after a while, and since you’re buying the car and not leasing it, the gas mileage economy could begin to really make a difference in your month to month expenses.
  • Safety is also important.  Your safety is the most important thing by far, so you want a car that rates well as far as safety goes.  Don’t cut corners on this, just because you like a car that’s not totally safe.  Odds are you will not get in an accident, but if you do, wouldn’t you rather be in a car that is very safe?  Your life could depend on it.
  • What are you buying the car for?  What are your needs?  Do you need a truck for work?  If you don’t need a truck for the purposes of having a truck, why get a truck just for the sake of having a truck?  The same goes for SUVs.  Do you have a big family?  Do you need to haul a lot of belongings?  If not, why get an SUV?
  • What are your long term car plans?  When buying a car, keep in mind what your car needs will be like several years from now.  Planning on moving?  Planning on changing careers?  Planning on growing the family?  It might be a good idea to think with that when you are buying a car.

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