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Guide to Growing and Maintaining Your Classic Car Collection

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Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Sometimes, one classic car just isn’t enough.  There is this typical and usual idea that one “has a classic car.”  That is generally the agreed upon idea.  But what about having more than one classic car instead?  What about having two or three or four of them?  What if one has many different desires and interests when it comes to classic cars and simply cannot decide on which one to get?  Why not get them all?  Granted there is a logistical issue to this as for price, maintenance, storage and use and what not, but the possibility of having more than one classic car is still very much there.

Certainly, a lot of classic car enthusiasts do in fact have multiple classic cars.  In fact, they build what is actually called a classic car collection.  Sounds pretty fancy right?  It is.  It also sounds somewhat unattainable, but it isn’t.

In fact, what most people do to accrue a collection of classic cars is that they purchase them over an extend period of time.  Rarely does one buy several classics in one year.  Generally speaking, one buys them one at a time, spread apart by a few years.  This allows for less strain on one’s finances amongst other things.

Tips for Having a Classic Car Collection

How does one even begin to accrue a full on classic car collection?  How does one maintain such a collection? There are some pretty simple steps to follow below:

  • First of all, you need to be financially capable to buy, own, maintain, store, and work on a classic car.  They are not cheap.  The nicer they are and the less work they need, the more expensive they are.  Make sure that you have some degree of financial affluence before you even begin to consider buying a classic car.
  • Next up, be sure that you have the space for a classic car.  This is actually where the majority of mistakes are made.  People tend to just buy such cars on a whim and they never really think about exactly what they are doing. What happens next?  The car gets left outside and ruined by the elements.  Can you store your car and your future cars?  Be sure that you can before you start buying.
  • Do you have the tools and know-how to do maintenance and basic upkeep?  If not, this will add to the overall costs commitment.  Take a look at these factors too.
  • What kind of car do you want?  It is best to start big and to then narrow it down.  Do you want a truck or a car?  Four door or two?  Get a grasp of what kind of car you want, then start looking at time eras.  Pick a time era of car that you like the most and start looking into which models of cars that you like which were made at that time.  Then it’s just a matter of hunting the internet to find them!  It is good for us that we live in the information age and that such information is easily available.
  • Buy the car.  This might sound simple but it is not.  You want to be totally happy with your purchase, so be ready to say no and be ready to walk away if necessary.  Hold out for the best car out there, and you will get it.
  • Once you have the car, start using it!  Fix it up and work on it if necessary, or just enjoy it.  These cars are great and a lot of fun, so don’t just let it sit in the garage!

Once you’ve had your first car for a bit, start the process over again and evolve into a person who owns multiple classic cars!  These above tips and tricks are the best way to address the prospect of owning multiple cars, but there are others to study and learn as well.

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