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1936 Hudson Terraplane Series 61 Deluxe Sedan


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Now, THIS is a classic car.  Reminiscent of a critical period in the history of the nation, the 1936 Hudson Terraplane brings back memories and is known and recognized for a lot of different reasons.  The car is iconic to history, and it harkens back to an era when a car company was still able to make and sell cars even in the grips of an economic depression the likes of which the nation had never seen before.

The Terraplane itself was a car brand and model built by the infamous and historic Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan, between the years of 1932 and 1938.  In its very first maiden year, the car was branded as the Essex-Terraplane, and then in the year 1934, the car became merely the Terraplane.  And what an impressive car it was too!  They were inexpensive, yet powerful vehicles that were used in both town and country, as both cars and trucks bore the infamous Terraplane name.  The vehicle was built cheap and built to last, as they were made during the Great Depression.

1936, Terraplane commercial cars were produced in more significant numbers as the cars were simply becoming a lot more popular and desired by those who have the chance to get one of their own.

The 1936 Hudson Terraplane stands out as being one of the best years for the car.  By 1936, the vehicles were totally capable and well-built with all of the kinks worked out.  The 1936 Hudson Terraplane was a very successful and very useful car.  Now, those who own them love them and those who do not desire them greatly.  Owning a 1936 Hudson Terraplane is like owning a piece of history as these cars are truly iconic and special, to say the least.

  • There are no features available
  • Mileage:  24,650 miles
  • Condition:  Excellent
  • Exterior Color:  Black
  • Interior Color:  Original Tan Mohair Upholstery
  • Transmission:  Manual

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