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1958 Pontiac Chieftain Mint Condition


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This 1958 Pontiac Chieftain is one of the nicest ones out there.  It might even be the nicest one left, as there are so few of them and these models are as rare as can be.  This Chieftain is in legitimate mint condition.  This particular Pontiac was very popular in that era, and there are many who have the utmost respect and admiration for this model, a respect that is only increased by how few of them are left in the country today.  This one has been restored and gone over time and time again with a fine tooth comb to get it to the highly sought after status of a true, “mint” condition model.

We’ve never seen a more immaculate Pontiac.  This particular model has low miles as the engine was just restored and the body, the frame, the undercarriage, and the interior have also all been fully redone and restored to meet highly meticulous specifications.  The chrome shines like it was brand new and the paint job is top notch too.  The interior of the vehicle sports all of the classic, original instruments and upholstery with a few added updates to make it more comfortable and workable for the modern age.  The interior also sports the unique, one of a kind green that the Chieftains were so famous for, and the chrome trim that matches the exterior trim.

This car is a true prize of the collection for any long time Pontiac enthusiast.  Given its instant recognition too, any classics lover can also appreciate it.

  • There are no features available
  • Condition:  Excellent
  • Exterior Color:  White / Green
  • Interior Color:  Green
  • Transmission:  3 Speed Pontiac Hydromatic
  • Engine:  370ci V8

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