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1965 Buick Super Wildcat


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This particular Buick has their Wildest Engine:  the 425ci, dual 4 Barrel, 375 Horse Power Riviera Grand Sport Engine! Making this car Very Rare! Only 219 convertibles produced!

The 1965 Buick WildCat is quite the classic car. It packs a punch and a wallop as far as power goes, yet it is perfect and intrinsically excellent at being comfortable, safe, and well-built and easy to maintain. The 1965 Buick WildCat is a favorite amongst classic car enthusiasts who want a car from the 1960s but who want one that is affordable, that is fast, that is well built, that is easy to maintain, that is not excessively complicated, and that will withstand the test of time and be a comfortable ride for all who tour in it for years to come. The 1965 Buick WildCat presents and offers all this and more.

The 1965 Buick WildCat was the first year of the second generation of the Buick WildCats. It was hailed as being revolutionary for 1960s era cruising town cars. The 1965 Buick WildCat was built for comfort and it introduced some upholstery changes and new designs that were particularly special for this year range of the car. The 1965 Buick WildCat was also built for power and speed too, with a strong engine and a resolute cruising system, compete with powerful brakes and comfortable steering.

The 1965 Buick WildCat competed with Plymouths, Pontiacs, Ford cruisers, and Dodge and Lincoln family town cars. The car sported options for both manual and automatic transmissions alike. The car came equipped with either a 425 cu in (7.0 L) Nailhead V8 or a 430 cu in (7.0 L) Buick V8 depending on what people wanted. The unique thing about this car that made it a little bit different from so many other classic cars was that it was not underpowered. Classic American muscle was never underpowered obviously, but a big problem with 1960s era town cars was that they were simply too heavy for the engine emission restrictions that were inhibiting their engines. This was not the case with the 1965 Buick WildCat. This car pulled its weight easily.

All in all, the 1965 Buick WildCat was a great car and is easily loved and desired car. This is the first choice for many who want a luxury cruiser from the 1960s.

  • There are no features available
  • Condition:  Excellent
  • Exterior Color:  Black
  • Interior Color:  Black
  • Transmission:  Automatic
  • Mileage:  88,438

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