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1965 Chevy Malibu SS


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What a year for a great car! The 1965 Chevy Mal SS was the epitome of Chevrolet’s brilliance and ingenuity in cars of that age and time period. For 1965, Malibus and other Chevelles of that year received new grilles and revised tail sections and had the exhaust pipes replaced but carried over the same basic styling and body styles from 1964. Basically, this was the year that Chevrolet worked out the kinks and made a car that was already a really good car into a great car. Some of the more classic and iconic embodiments of the cars stayed the same though, with the Malibu and Malibu SS models continued as before with the SS featuring a blacked-out grille and special wheel covers that were very liked and very desired across the boards. With the 1965 Chevy Mal SS, the top engine option was now a 350 hp, 5.4 liter, V8. Upgrades were the talk of the day in 1965, and did Chevy ever deliver!

The 1965 Chevy Mal SS was a one of a kind beauty that is still loved and admired today. Realistically, the 1960s was truly the era of the American classic muscle cars, and this beast of a car combines power, comport, reliability, simplicity, and aesthetic appeal. All in all the 1965 Chevy Mal SS was an all-around great choice back then and it still is today. Those who lust after Chevrolet Mals and Chevelles all tend to get excited about the 60s era versions, as these ones were easily the most popular and the most famous muscle cars that Chevrolet ever produced. The Camaro would later on rise up to the plate and represent Chevrolet, but the simple admiration and appreciation for the Mals and the Chevelles never went away nor will it ever.

Those who enjoy and appreciate a classic car form the 1960s often prefer a Chevy Mall SS. These cars are strong, they are comfortable, and they are built with practicality and drivability in mind more so than to be showy or flaunty. The cars are well manufactured and well-constructed, and there’s a strong enough of a following for them that it’s pretty easy to find original parts. All around a great purchase for someone considering buying a classic car.


  • New Interior
  • Corvette Rally Wheels
  • Aluminum Intake
  • Edelbrock Carb.
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Auto Trans
  • Chrome motor dress kit
  • 10 bolt rear axle
  • Dual Flowmasters
  • AM/FM
  • 90,890 Miles
  • 283 Small Block GM V/8 Engine
  • There are no features available
  • Condition:  Excellent
  • Exterior Color:  Green
  • Interior Color:  Black
  • Transmission:  Automatic

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