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1972 Pontiac Grand Prix


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This was one of the most stable, smooth, and cool cruiser cars of the 1970s. The 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix brought a whole new look to a car that was already quite popular and which simply became even more popular as a result of such styling. In fact, minor styling revisions for the car included a new cross-hatch grille up front and triple cluster taillights in the back of the ride. Inside the vehicle, more changes occurred. For the interior the traditional “burled-elm” trim was replaced by a new teakwood design and upholstery trim patterns for vinyl and cloth selections were revised for both bucket and bench seat offerings that the car was now available in.

Not much changed under the hood in 1972. Why? Pontiac had a great thing going with the engine set up for its 1970s era Grand Prixes, so if it wasn’t broken then why fix it! Engine offerings remained the same as before with the only real, major change being in the politics of the cars. This means to say that the change in power measurements from the previous gross method on a dynamometer to the new net ratings as installed in a vehicle with various accessories and emission equipment made the horsepower ratings of 1972 models appear to be much lower “on paper” than their 1971 counterparts though actual performance did not change much between the two years at all. It was simply a change made to allow for new laws passed in this realm. Under the hood horsepower measurement for the standard 400 cu in (6.6 L) V8 with four-barrel carburetor was rated at an impressive 250 hp while the optional 455 cu in (7.5 L) with four-barrel carb was rated at an even more impressive 300 hp.

The 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix was popular back then, and it is popular now. Models were sold practically before they were built in both late 1971 and 1972. In fact, Production numbers increased to 91,961 units and only second place to the 1969 model, as these cars were becoming more and more desirable in the early 70s.

  • There are no features available
  • Condition:  Excellent
  • Exterior Color:  Green
  • Interior Color:  Black
  • Transmission:  Automatic
  • Mileage:  71,476

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