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Safety Features for the Future of Driving

When you get behind the wheel, you want to have a safe trip to your intended destination. This requires you, your car, and other drivers to be as safe as possible when on the roadway. To ensure that your safety continues to be a growing concern, many car manufacturers are innovating new car safety features to keep your vehicle even safer when on the roadway.

Some New Age Car Safety Features

External Airbags

Car Safety FeaturesWe all likely know that airbags are there to help cushion the blow of an accident. They’re there to make sure that we don’t get whiplash or smash our heads into something hard when an unexpected impact occurs. However, what about the pedestrians or bicyclists that get hit? Car manufacturers are looking more into External Airbags to help protect the pedestrians and bicyclists when an accident occurs. These are meant to deploy an airbag out of the bump and over the windshield to keep the pedestrian or bicyclist from going through them.

Lane Departure Warnings

Staying in your lane doesn’t seem all that difficult. That is until you start to read that text message your buddy just sent you, you’re verbally correcting your kids in the backseat, or start to doze off due to lack of sleep. Lane Departure Warnings are there to help alert you so you can correct your driving and get back into your lane. This technology uses sensors in the rear of the vehicle that detects the lanes. Any move out of your lane without your turn signal on will set off the alert. In some vehicles, this technology will lightly correct your steering without you having to touch the wheel.

Frontal Collision Warning

Imagine if your car knew when you were going to run into something and prevented you from doing so. Well, there is this system called the Frontal Collision Warning that does just that. It uses sensors in your front bumper to detect when something is in front of you. Whether it’s a car, bicycle, motorcycle, or person, it doesn’t matter. Your vehicle will notate your speed and help to slow down the vehicle to avoid the collision. While this type of technology is great to help accidents where you’re not going at excessive speeds, it can’t always prevent an impact. But, it can help to reduce the impact immensely.

Fatigue Detection Car Safety Features

Sometimes we crawl behind the wheel when we simply know that we shouldn’t. We can be overly tired or try to drive for too many hours at a blip. To help keep us and other drivers safe on the roadway, automakers like Volvo and Volkswagen are currently developing a Fatigue Detection System. These car safety features work by monitoring your driving for erratic behavior. Instances, like moving across lanes or decelerating quickly, are considered part of the fatigue pattern. When this happens, the car will issue a sound warning to ensure that you’re awake.

Intelligent Speed Control Assistance

Many automakers are implementing Intelligent Control Assistance for monitoring your speed on the roadway. Through a series of calculations, your vehicle uses GPS monitoring to determine what speed you should be driving on the specific roadway that you’re on. If you start to approach to go over the limit, the car will use visual and audio warnings to alert you. This can be great to help ensure that you stay in a safe range when driving to avoid traffic tickets and potential accidents. This technology also comes along with an elective speed limiter. This speed limiter will actually cut the fuel supply off for your vehicle in the event that you cross the speed limit.

Blind Spot Monitoring Car Safety Features

If you’ve ever driven down a multiple lane highway, it’s likely you’ve dealt with the blind spot issue. These are the areas directly to your sides where you’re unable to see other cars. Your blinds spots will get bigger depending on the size of the vehicle that you’re driving. This is why there’s a lot of talk about blind spots on tractor trailers which can cause collisions. With Blind Spot Monitoring, your car can alert you of other vehicles on the roadway that you may not be able to see. The cues tend to be visual alerts on the side mirrors of the car.

There are many ways that car manufacturers are making vehicles safer than ever before. However, the basic of safety starts with respecting the laws and other drivers on the roadway. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you should ensure that it has some of these awesome car safety features.

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