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The Ultimate Guide to Restoring Your Classic Corvette

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Restoring a classic Corvette.  What a dream!  What a vision!  The classic, ever classy, ever awesome Corvette is arguably the best classic car out there.  It certainly does have an incredibly impressive following.  Some classic car guys are not just classic car guys, they are Corvette Guys.  Corvettes stand out as a cut above the rest in the American classic car forum, and they have earned the title of being the best too.  Those who have classic corvettes love them, and those who do not have them lust after them indefinitely until they finally get one of their own.  These beautiful cars are power and glamour incarnate, on the exterior, under the hood, and on the interior.  There never has been anything quite like them, and there probably never will be in the future.

What Kind of Restoration Do You Want to Do?

One of the great things about the Corvette community is that it is so strong.  This is probably the most resolute and the most dauntless classic car community out there.  True enough, no other classic car has earned quite the following that the Corvette has.  A significant percentage of American classic car enthusiasts are absolutely in love with Corvettes, and while they might appreciate other classic cars too, nothing really compares to their favored Corvettes in the long run.

In fact, a great deal of importance is placed upon originality, keeping things the way they should be, and sticking to the blue prints in the Corvette community.  It is pretty easily stated that without a doubt one of the most common claims among owners of Corvettes is ‘numbers matching’.  What does this mean?  This means that the drivetrain components for your Corvette have serial numbers which match the other components in regard to time and date.  Even more simplified than that?  Numbers matching means that all of the numbers and all of the different parts that have numbers stamped on them all match up.  This means that all of the components of the car are factory original.

These numbers basically indicate manufacture date, and they must fall within a specific range in order to compliment the other numbers too.  For example, if you have a numbers matching car, you won’t want to replace parts without consideration to their numbers too and what those numbers mean. It will greatly help you to know your car’s level of originality too, and to rebuild or refurbish matching parts as opposed to buying generic replacements that will lower the value of your car.

So, the first lesson and perhaps the most important lesson is to know your car inside and out and know all the numbers.


What Else to Consider

Also think with what you are going to be using your restored car for.  This will make a big difference in how you go about restoring it, how much time you spend on it, how much money you spend on it, what exactly goes into the exact restoration process, and how exactly to go about restoring it.  If you want to have your Corvette judged as part of various different club activities, it is important to note too that there are very specific judging standards that go into judging Corvettes.  It is easy to miss the mark too, or even to over-restore a classic Corvette, if you can think with that.

So the second lesson is to know to what degree you want to restore your Corvette for whatever purpose you have for the car.

Corvettes Can Be High Dollar

The last think to consider before you tackle your Corvette restoration project is the price of the restoration.  Restoring a car can be a pretty pricy endeavor.  In fact, restoring any car can be incredibly pricey but restoring a classic car can and often is even pricier.  That’s totally fine though, just as long as you are keeping it in mind.  Plan out how you are going to restore it, to what degree you want to restore it, and what your budget is, and you will be good to go!

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