A gadget is simply a unique or ingenious device. Gadgets can be called toys. It can be used to measure the heart rate of a person, measure the distance between two points, check the temperature of a certain body part, display the time and also the date. A few gadgets are even used for playing games.

The word gadget originated from the French word gaudette, which means something useless, deriving its name from this root word. The first gadget was invented around 1790 in the Chateau de Versailles by Louis Perrin. The first gadget was made out of metal called a gidget. Gidget is derived from the word gardette which means a little flower or the word gaudette in French means little book or journal.

The origin of the gadget named as GADGET is not fully known. However, many theories have been proposed about its origin. Some say it was originated from the laboratory of Doctor Renaud Gagnaire, who was trying to invent an automatic book reader. His attempts were not successful; however, he was able to improve the process by using metal plates and springs, thus creating the first gadget. Later on, the automatic book reader was manufactured, which became the forerunner of the modern gadget we know today.

The invention of the word gadget has come a long way, being incorporated in the dictionary by Peter Lee in 1994. Lee’s dictionary defines a gadget as any machine or equipment used mainly for pleasure or for the advancement of man. Thus, the first gadgets were used for entertainment or for the improvement of man’s life. With the development of technology, the uses of gadgets has also greatly expanded. Today, there are numerous kinds of electronic gadgets available, including mobile phones, mp3 players, laptops, hand held computer, watches, cameras, video game devices and satellites and weather stations among others.

With the wide array of available gadgets, it can be very confusing for a person to choose which gadget to purchase. However, if you intend to narrow down your choice, you should consider three important criteria, such as the cost, the function it serves and the appearance or style of the gadget. While purchasing a gadget, you should be careful that you get your money’s worth because otherwise you will end up with an inefficient, dysfunctional and ugly dispensing machine, which is useless for your business or personal use.

The word gadget has become so common that when you hear someone using it, you will automatically think of the first used invention of man. So, it is important that you educate yourself about the history of the word and where it originated so that you will know what to expect from a particular gadget. In fact, the Internet has several sites which offer information about the origin of the word and where it came from. In fact, some people search for a gadget and get confused when they cannot find a definition section or a picture of the gadget they are looking for. This is why it is important that you search for a definition or a picture of the gadget you are looking for before buying it to avoid regrets in the future.