Access Important Applications Without the iPhone

A smart phone is essentially a portable electronic device which combines personal computer and mobile phone functions into a single unit. Smartphones are equipped with digital-camera, GPS system, music players and Internet applications for entertainment purposes. They are also capable of connecting to a wireless network and downloading applications and files to provide the requisite experience to their users. On the other hand, a smartphone has similar functionality to an ordinary cell phone or a laptop. The main difference is that they have a touch screen display, allowing multi-tasking on a single platform.

As more people depend on smartphones to carry out their daily tasks, manufacturers are coming up with more unique and advanced feature phones to cater to varying needs and budgets. One of the most promising features in recent smart phone models is heart rate monitor technology. Some smartphones offer this unique feature at no extra cost, while others come free with the purchase.

As with other mobile phone devices, the heart rate monitor functionality comes embedded in the operating system of the smartphone. Smartphones with OS X operating system offer this feature for free. However, there are other smartphones which come preinstalled with a working version of iControl, a medical imaging application developed by Elonex Technologies and licensed through the Samsung Application Store for use as a mobile phone.

Another interesting feature is that many latest smartphones have built-in Wi-Fi Direct capability, a feature enabled by the user’s wireless router. With this feature, the smartphone offers internet access even when it is not connected to a hotspot. Free apps are being made available for internet browsing via the Android Market.

In order to take full advantage of the Android Market and its apps, smartphone users should download apps from the Samsung Apps Store. This is because, unlike the iPhone, the Android operating system does not support third-party applications. Instead, the apps can only be accessed through Samsung apps. Furthermore, most apps are price sensitive so they are priced cheaper on the Android than the iPhone.

These features, coupled with high-end cell phone processors and large memory storage, make smart phones ideal for business people and professionals. If you have a smart phone, you need to download apps from the Samsung Apps Store. With your Samsung Smartphone you can access your favorite apps, connect to the internet, view media, and take pictures and videos.