A smart phone is an integrated mobile device which combines personal computer and mobile communication functions into a single unit. It is designed to function as a communication device, and can access files, take pictures, and play video. It provides many benefits for individuals and businesses of all ages. This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of a smart phone.


The first advantage of the smartphone is that it makes use of advanced mobile operating systems. Smartphones running on certain smartphones OSes are superior in terms of features and ease of use. Most devices in the market today are either locked-in or use Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich (GMS) as their operating systems. In contrast, latest Android operating systems are more usable, secure, and feature-rich.

Smartphones allow users to download apps from the market and install them on the unit. Smartphones apps provide valuable utility functions such as games, calculator, weather, music player, and much more. With a large number of apps available in the market, it is not possible for a user to search for the right app. However, smartphone apps make it easy to find useful apps. Moreover, many cell phone users have their favorite apps downloaded to the device, making it easier to use these apps.

The second advantage of the first smartphone was that it had superior memory capacity. The first smartphone phones were limited by the memory capacity of the device. After the introduction of increasing memory capacity in the first smartphones, they became a serious competitor in the smart phone market. The Android operating system that is used in most high-end devices today is based on the Linux kernel, which is very compact and allows plenty of space to run various apps.

In order to take advantage of the wide web, most mobile devices now come with web browsing capabilities. The browsing experience in a smartphone is completely interactive. Moreover, web applications can be accessed from anywhere through a touch screen, making it easier for a user to work while on the go. Some of the best brands in the mobile operating system market are Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Apple and Open Handset.

The third advantage of the smartphone has to do with its popularity among a larger audience. Smartphones have become a great hit with the young audience and even with seniors. Since there are many third-party applications for mobile devices, it has become easier to access and install different third-party apps. In turn, this has made the app market wide open and has allowed more developers to create applications and games.