A gadget is any ingenious piece or even a complex mechanical device. Gadgets can be called gizmos too. The dictionary defines a gimp as a slender, deformed, or human-like contrivance. However, in this article we will define a gadget as something nifty that is used to make your life more interesting and convenient.


Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most common ones are kitchen gadgets, digital cameras and personal tech gadgets. In fact you can find a gizmo in almost every home.

Kitchen gadgets are the most common. You will find all kinds of appliances and gadgets in the kitchen. These devices include the famous coffee maker, toasters, blenders, food processors, and even toasters with built-in microwave ovens. There are also many electronic gadgets such as cell phones and MP3 players. If you have a new kitchen appliance bought recently then you can easily add a gadget which uses that energy (i.e. your cell phone charger) – the chargers are actually so small nowadays that they can even fit in the corners of your kitchen counter.

The cell phones are another common gadget. There are now so many cell phones and manufacturers producing so many models that each day brings in more new gadget additions. These include PDA’s, digital cameras, PDA’s with video capabilities and even cell phones with video capabilities. The mobile phones are also gaining huge popularity and now account for almost half the total mobile market. So if you want to keep pace then you should really get yourself a mobile phone.

The other two most popular gizmos are the small tools and electronic gadgets. The small tools can be anything from pliers to screwdrivers to wrenches – in fact there is not a single technological item whose precise name one could give without having to invent a name for it. The other type of gizmo is the electronic gadget which is usually a computer. And now there are computers available in all sizes, shapes and colors. And if you are thinking of buying a computer for your house then the best choice would be a desktop computer.

But there are times when these appliances need repairs. Whether it is your washing machine or your dryer, it is best to fix these gadgets yourself rather than taking them to the local appliance store. You might be wondering how an intelligent person like you can repair these small but important gadgets. You see gidget is an all in one appliance repair kit. This gadget has all the components that you will need to fix your small electronic gadgets – gidget kit parts, screws, nuts and bolts, pliers and wrenches, and so on.