A gadget is usually any creative mechanical device or some innovative application. Gadgets can be known as gizmos. A gizmo is a small and light electronic apparatus which is used for playing with, buying, selling, or building. Gadgets come in many forms such as toys, calculators, cameras, radio controlled toys, video games, cellular phones and PDAs, watches, books, musical instruments, camcorders, DVD players and many more.


ICT or Information Technology and Computer engineering is the discipline of science that uses scientific principles to improve the functioning of the computer system. There are many gadgets that have been invented just to improve on existing ICT gadgets. These gizmos are also called ICT tools or ict gadgets. In this context “gadget” does not mean to be strange or different. It simply refers to any practical tool or equipment that is used to make something more efficient or useful.

The ICT industry is huge and growing at a rapid pace. The number of gadgets being manufactured is constantly on the increase; every day thousands of new ICT appliances and tools are launched. It is through these gadgets that new innovative ideas and technologies are made possible. In fact many times it is the idea of a particular gadget that leads to the invention of an entirely new ICT product.

Many people often confuse the words ‘gadget’ and ‘Ict gadget’. The common thinking is that a gadget is something that is very complex and sophisticated. But the two words are actually different. A French ghette is an ICT mechanical device whose name means a small iron cotter.

A French ghette is an electrical device that is very simple yet very efficient. A French gadget repair manual explains that this small and light instrument is used to cut cables and knots in ICT networks. Also it makes small holes in electrical wires and the ends of the cable can be attached to the device for reattachment or cutting. This is the basic function of a French gadget repair manual and it makes it easier for people to differentiate between a French appliance repair manual and a French ICT device manual.

Another example of a very small but important ICT appliance repair tool is the microwave. A microwave is like a toaster in terms of size and importance, but it is not an ICT appliance. It does not perform any ICT jobs, but it is used to heat food from the other side of the world, by using a heating element. Similarly there are French gadgets that do not perform any ICT work, but they are also very useful kitchen appliances because they make food look better and they make cooking faster and easier.