A smart phone is a small, portable device that combines personal computer and mobile communication functions in one compact unit. The term “smart phone” is often used to refer to any cell phone that is capable of surfing the Internet, receiving and making calls, and playing music and video. In the recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in the production of these devices as they are becoming more affordable. There are many different makes and models available on the market today and it is important to consider how you plan to use your new smart phone before deciding which device best suits your needs.


One of the most popular features available on recent smartphones is applications. These are basically programs or applications that are designed specifically for the operating system of the cell phone. Most of the time, the applications are designed by third parties and are exclusive to the smartphone model that they are sold for. However, there are some specific types of applications that are made specifically for certain smartphones regardless of the make or model.

Most smartphones will come standard with the major functions of an inbox, contacts and calendar. These are essential business applications and need to be included with the device when you decide to purchase one. Examples of the most popular apps are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Picasa and Gmail.

One of the first features that most people notice upon purchasing a new smartphone is the operating system that the manufacturer chose to use. Smartphones run on a variety of operating systems including: Windows Mobile, Symbian, Motorola Commode and Blackberry. Each manufacturer uses their own operating systems to provide users with unique features and functionality. For example, Windows Mobile phones run on the Windows CE operating system to smartphones run on the Mobile Data Protocol (MDP) platform of the particular mobile phone handset.

Smartphones also come pre-installed with hundreds of thousands of apps that help in organizing, sharing and managing information. The apps can be used in many ways including: social networking, entertainment, productivity, news reading, weather, games and much more. Many of these apps are exclusive or cost a fee but most of them are available for free and can be downloaded straight from the respective manufacturers’ or retailers’ app stores. The most popular apps are those that provide added functionality to the smartphones such as: Google Maps, Skype, Wikipedia and Yahoo Messenger.

While it is easy to see why smartphone usage is soaring, the biggest question most people have is “what’s new in the smartphone world?” The newest features that smartphones offer are increasing in price as Apple and other smartphone manufacturers try to stay competitive with each other. Smartphones can be used for a multitude of tasks such as: communication, entertainment, social networking and business purposes. Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android are not only becoming sophisticated, they are becoming cheaper to buy and with more applications and features. As technology advances, it is safe to say that we are witnessing the dawn of smart phones that will change our way of life forever.