A smart phone is basically a portable electronic device which combines personal computer and mobile phone functions into a single unit. As the name suggests, smart phones have many advanced features that make life easier and convenient. Today’s smart phones have more storage capacity, camera, and Web browser than any other device. In fact, today’s smart phones have everything that a laptop or desktop computer has, except for the keyboard and mouse. These devices also come with many customizable features to perform different tasks.


Smartphones have made our lives much simpler and we can now accomplish many things with just a touch of a button. Today, millions of people use their smartphones to send text messages and browse the Internet. With these advanced features, smart phones are even capable of playing computer games and running applications. There are many brands available in the market and most of them have good specifications and features.

There are many brands that manufacture smartphones for the home, for professionals, for travelers, and for people who want to play games and use their cellphone as a calculator. Cellphones have become an essential part of the lifestyle. Most people use their cellphone not only to send text messages but to search the Internet, to make calls, and to check their emails. Even those who do not have Internet access at home use their cellphone to access social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

Smartphones come with their own operating system, which is a customized version of the operating system installed in a personal computer. The manufacturer of the cellphone also ensures that its operating system is compatible with most of the common applications used in a personal computer. Most smartphones today come with a customized user interface, complete with large buttons and an application menu that may be customized according to the preferences of the user. Smartphones come with their own built-in applications, which allow the user to perform complex tasks. Some of these applications include a camera, a calendar, a clock, a address book, a contacts list, a calculator, and a game.

One important feature present in all smartphones is the multitasking feature, which allows users to use the phone simultaneously for multiple applications, tasks, or tasks. The multitasking feature is especially useful for individuals who have a very busy professional life. Multi-tasking allows one to use the phone while listening to music, watching a movie, reading e-mail messages, and taking photos. The extensive collection of apps available for download on the internet and the advanced features of these smartphones enable individuals to perform several tasks using the phone simultaneously.

SMARTPHONE apps are those applications that are specifically tailored to work with specific models of smartphones. Smartphone apps can be divided into two categories based on the device used to operate them: native and universal. For instance, there are native apps that work only with a specific brand of smartphone, while universal apps can be used on any brand of smartphone. These apps were first introduced by companies and developers to help consumers access certain features that are only available on a specific device, and now they are offered as free downloads on the Android Market, the open source mobile platform.