A gadget is basically a new invention, an artistic piece or a complex mechanical device. Gadgets can be known as gizmos. Gadgets have enabled people to do many things and improve their life. There are different types of gadgets available in the market these days. Some of the most popular gadgets are watches, digital cameras, mobile phones, iPods, and computers. In order to buy the best product, it is important that you should first know what a gadget is.


The word gadget originated from the French word “gaudette” which means tiny bit. Thus, a gadget could be defined as anything that is small, simple, and useful. Most gadgets are electronic in nature. People tend to confuse the word gadget with equipment or a hardware device. While both of them are considered to be small and handy, the later is considered to be more creative because it makes use of technological advancement.

GADGET has come a long way since its origin. It was first used by the famous French writer and illustrator Carrier de Pape. He used the term gadget in his book called “The Book of Gadgets”. The word has come a long way from that time and it has been adopted by different people who like to make use of a lot of gadgets and technological equipment in their daily life.

Carrier de Pape first used the term gadget in 1801. He was working in the botanical garden and hence he coined the word in order to describe something that is small and useful. However, he preferred to call it a “gaggle” rather than a “gadget”. French Gidget designer Gert Faivre used the word gadget to define a small, useful, and artistic item in her novel “Dante Alighieri”. Later on, American author Mark Twain also borrowed some of the word for his book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and so American English made significant changes to the word gadget.

GADGET is used to indicate an object or a device that is useful to a person. There is no limit to what can be considered as a gadget. For instance, a person can be a gadget expert, if they can fix broken television screens. There are many examples where a person’s talent is exploited for personal gain. But there are also many examples where a person uses a gadget to improve one’s lifestyle or even create a new career.

A person can be defined as a gadget aficionado if he or she likes to buy and use as many gadgets as possible. This lifestyle is not unusual among teenagers. But even for adults, it is not uncommon to use a number of devices to make everyday tasks easier. This article tries to define a person as a gadget connoisseur by providing examples of gadgets and how they have an impact on a person’s life.