Games are anything that is played using players or by machines. Usually games are either physical, for example billiards or chess, or abstract, like Go or Sudoku. In both cases, the objective is the generation of new objects, but usually not directly on the target object. Physical games, such as board games, are a good example of abstract games. There are many different abstract games, and many different ways to play each one.


A game results in winning when all of the players have reached a common experience. The common experience often is a completion of some objective or goal, and a means of reaching a common experience. Commonly, players can move their pieces or make structures on the board or field. Some games are more complicated than others, where a single move is all that it takes to win or lose the game. These more complex games result in longer play times and are more competitive.

There are literally thousands of different board games available on the market today, and the number of players competing against each other is practically limitless. Computer programs are also being created every day, and many of these programs allow players from all walks of life to compete against each other. These computer programs are revolutionizing the board game industry, and making the idea of having a group of people sitting around and playing a game as fun and interactive as a board game just makes it that much better.

Chris Crawford, one of the creators of the popular game named Cornhole, is responsible for popularizing a game that has since become a worldwide phenomenon. The reason for this is simple; people loved playing this game, and so did the designers of the computer game. They realized that if they developed a game that was friendly and easy to learn, then the game would continue to be a huge hit, and would eventually lead to the creation of countless similar games. The first of which was Settlers of Canaan. This computer game became such a hit that its sequel, Chance City, was created almost exactly twenty years later.

Computer games are not only fun, but many computer games are also incredibly addicting. In fact, players that spend several hours playing a single game may find themselves constantly playing the same game because their minds become accustomed to the challenge. Computer game results can be interesting because players can see their scores and see how well they are progressing, and players can also see how others are faring at the same time.

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