A gadget is simply any creative or mechanically useful object. Gadgets can be referred to as mini gadgets. Most of the time, people will just refer to these small gadgets as ‘tools’. There are times when people will also refer to these small tools as ‘appliances’ or ‘apparatus’. There are many people out there who actually have a huge collection of hundreds of different types of gadgets in their house and they wouldn’t know where they would even begin to look for the next gadget that they would buy to spice up their lives.


The word gadget dates back to the 13th century. In those years, before the word gadget came into existence, people would collect items such as the first used sewing machine, a thermometer, a gramophone, and so on. The French word ‘gache’ was based on this collection of various objects and the modern meaning of the term gadget came about when these collecting activities took a form during the industrial revolution in France.

Gadgets are often thought of as small tools that can be used to make a number of things handy. They can often be seen bundled with mobile phones, mp3 players, and even small personal computers. It’s amazing how quickly people come to realize the usefulness of gadgets as they become more popular. Everyone has seen someone with a cell phone that has been ‘jumped’ in to an earpiece or a tiny computer in their ears. Even without the use of a gadget, many people can recognize that the cell phone is not simply a telephone, but rather a whole other device that they can use to surf the internet, check emails, send text messages, or play games.

The word gadget is not only used to describe modern gadgets. In fact, there are phrases that are used to describe things that were considered to be gadgets in years gone by. A pail, a barrel, and a caddy are all examples of words that have been used to describe some sort of tool or collecting hobby. In today’s world, a gadget is almost always defined as something that is not meant to be used regularly. Someone who collects frogs for instance, might be considered a gizmo, but is unlikely to be called a gadget. A person who collects knives is considered a gizmo, while a person who collects sports equipment like kayaks or snowboards is not necessarily doing so for the purpose of recreation but because the tools will come in handy.

Some people will argue that electronic gadgets are not necessarily judged to be gizmos because of their convenience, while others will view them as necessary items needed to accomplish everyday life. There are certain terms that are used to describe both. The word gimp is often used to describe a piece of electronic equipment that is inexpensive or that has only minor functions. On the other hand, gizmo is often used to describe a more complex electronic gadget that has several different functions or it can function as a smaller and lighter version of its larger counterparts. A person who buys these types of products are usually doing so for convenience as they will never need to use all of them at once but rather can attach different gadgets to achieve a number of different things.

The term gizmo was actually derived from the Italian word gignolo which means little finger. Because of this association it has become associated with technology. These little tools have become some of the most sought after collectibles and are often thought to be nothing less than an object of artistic value. One can never consider them to be junk items. Instead, they can be considered works of art. Those who collect them hope to create a series of objects that will span generations and continue to amaze their children and grandchildren as they play with them in their own home.