Advantages of an Apple iPhone Over a Google Android Smartphone

A smartphone is an ideal multi-tasking mobile phone that offers a mobile connection to a cell network. Smartphones enable people to make telephone calls, send text message, and access the Internet from the comfort of their hand. With the increasing popularity of smart phones, there are several companies manufacturing different models with different features and capacities. The market for smartphones is highly competitive and the price range is also varying. Here we discuss the various types of smartphone available in the market, their features and their respective costs.

Smartphones with a hardware keypad or a physical QWERTY keyboard are known as a feature phone. In general, feature phones have less memory is only enough to store the basic data. These devices can run on either CDMA or GSM technologies. The memory of a feature phone is comparatively low and it runs slow. It has no video recorder, camera, play mp3 and watch movies feature. Apart from the memory, a feature phone has a touch screen display, no internal memory and browser with basic features.

Smartphones that run on Microsoft Windows Mobile OS and run on ARM are known as smartphones. Windows Mobile is a mini operating system for the Windows based Smartphone models. It runs smoothly on the Android, Blackberry, Iphone and Nokia models. Android, Blackberry and Iphone models are compatible with most UK SIM cards. Windows phone based Smartphones are equipped with the Windows operating system.

Smartphones that run on the Android OS have a similar architecture as that of an iPhone. Android apps can be installed from any SIM card and can also be played back using a Bluetooth headset. Some Android apps are supported directly through the android native development environment whereas other apps need to be downloaded for the phone. The other difference between the iPhone and Android smartphone devices is in the storage and memory capacity. Smartphones have limited memory but allow you to browse huge web pages and can store lots of data.

SMARTPHONE devices can be used in a desktop computer and connected via a USB cable or Wi-Fi. A wireless data connection is also possible through Bluetooth technology. This mini computer can also be used as a PDA, GPS navigator, TV tuner and games console. The other advantage of a smartphone is that it works out of the box and there is no need to download any additional software to use it. You just need to launch the app and enjoy your favorite features.

Smartphones have made life easier by providing a platform that enables businesses to provide solutions to customers in real time. They offer a cost effective solution to business professionals that work from home as well. The biggest advantage of smart phones over traditional computers is that the apps that are available for these devices are free or very low cost. The apps for ios operating system are not available for the majority of smartphones and must be installed from the developer’s site.