A gadget is anything innovative or a complex mechanical apparatus. Gadgets can be called as small, handy, or amazing gadgets. The word gadget originated from the French word “gadgete” which means “little gadget.”


There are many synonyms of the word gadget: gizmo, gondola, gadget, gear, device, appliance, and other similar words. Some synonyms are device, utensil, accessory, and machine. Another synonym for gadget is ‘gadget.’ As an English word, gadget means something handy, small, and/or interesting.

A gadget can be as large as your hand and as small as a button, but it cannot be a cakewalk. Gadgets come in different shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and materials. Gadgets can be electronic, some can run on batteries, or rechargeable. There are also gadgets that run on solar power, run on sound, have touch screen, and so on. Gadgets are generally used to enhance the user experience.

Invented by the Swiss in the late 19th century, Gadgets became very popular around the world. Today, there are billions of gadgets available on the market. Some of them can help us in our everyday tasks. A camera, radio, laptop computer, cell phone, iPod, and DVD player are small gadgets. But, they have changed our lives forever.

Almost all small and medium businesses are going digital. Companies are trying to cut cost and increase profits. Therefore, they are outsourcing many of their functions to third party companies that manufactures electronic gadgets. This has benefited both parties the company that manufactures the gadget and the company that wants to sell the gadget. Since they are manufacturing it themselves, they can customize it as per the customers need and specifications.

Nowadays, many people are turning to be “gadget freaks”. They collect all sorts of gadgets, and try to modify it. They even have an eBay for this purpose. You can find many gadget lovers on eBay that are willing to share their knowledge about electronic products, and how to fix them, if they do not work.

Gadgets like the internet fax, computer, laptops, cell phones, and DVD players are very important to our lives. Many people think that a gadget is just a machine. But, it is so much more. It has become an extension of one’s personality.

All those gadgets are related to our profession, education, entertainment, personal relationships, health, safety, and finances. A technician also uses these gadgets like digital cameras, mp3 players, DVD players, laptops etc. to make his work easier. So, a person who is a gadget freak will not like to miss using them. Even if he is working on something else, he will come up with new idea to enhance the gadget further.

These small businesses should capitalize on this trend and start hiring gadget freaks that will be their technicians. They can be given tasks according to their proficiency level. The only thing that they will have to do is take care of the gadgets that they have installed. This will help them increase their customer base which in turn will increase their sales. Gadgets are a great asset for any small business.