A gadget is any ingenious idea or simply a device. Gadgets can be called “innovative” because they have a new application, or because they are different. Most of the time gadgets can do only one thing well, but there are some exceptions. For example, a hair dryer is not a widget, although it can dry your hair. It is a gadget.


A GADGET is often thought of as something that is not very useful for daily living, but that is far from true. Gadgets range from small tools that make your life easier (like the nail clippers on your manicure equipment) to elaborate devices that are more complex than an alarm clock. Most of the time, a gadget is used by someone who has no idea how to use a hammer or a screwdriver.

A GADGET is not a word that we use everyday, but in the technical and scientific communities the term is widely used. The definition of a gadget is any device, electronic or not, that is used primarily for one function. For example, let’s use the word gidget. That word refers to a nail clipper. But it also refers to the electronic gidget tools that allow you to file your nails. In both examples, the gadget has one and only one use, and that is to perform one action.

A French budget, on the other hand, has a very different use. The French use the word widget for something completely different. They use it to mean a small, practical gidget tool for filing, scraping, and polishing wood and metal. The tools in this category are extremely common, and many people have more than one. They are part of every woman’s home, especially if she uses them for woodwork projects.

GADGET is also an adjective, but it has a slightly different meaning in the tech community. In the engineering and science communities, the term gadget is often thought to refer to new electronic machines that have been recently invented, but this term is rarely used when talking about new inventions in the general technological arena. One example of a new invention is the quartz wristwatch. This is probably not considered a “gadget”, but a device that someone has designed specifically to be very useful to its user.

GADGET is actually a French word which means needle or thread. So the term was actually born out of necessity. In other words, gidget is a needle or thread which has been designed specifically to serve a specific purpose. This is in contrast to a dull or old-fashioned gadget, which is often thought to be a synonym for uselessness. Many people today use a variety of gadgets and instruments, both to simplify their lives and for fun, but a GADGET is designed to provide some constructive fun.