Computer Games and Their Advantages

GAMES. The word game refers to any number of physical pursuits, including card, board, tile, video, table, and arcade games. A game is generally a planned form of play, normally undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times used as a teaching tool. Games are distinctly different from work, which usually are carried out for monetary reward, and from fine art, which is primarily an expression of cultural or aesthetic elements.

Gambling games such as slots, hot potato, card rooms, bingo, etc. games of chance, while card games such as bridge, roulette, poker, etc. involve calculation of chances. Video games such as laser jet chess, battle field wars, etc. are more sophisticated.

Computer games have grown so much in popularity that the mass market has given them names like computer tennis, computer bowling, computer shooting, etc. Computer games can be played for money or for amusement. Computer games require special equipment. While playing computer games, users need a joystick, a mouse, special keys for operating the game, hand held controllers and other devices for joining game play. Computer games can be downloaded from the internet for free.

Many computer games are available on CD-ROM and other formats that are read by any computer. CD-ROMs or compressed files take less space than the original and contain more graphics, sounds, music and interface elements than the traditional game disks. CD-ROM games also have the advantage of not requiring a hard drive, since they are stored on a memory card, much like an audio CD. CD-ROM games can be played on any regular personal computer. However, playing computer games on your personal computer directly requires a CD-ROM drive.

Computer games are categorized into action, adventure, arcade, card, classic, time management, war, sports and puzzles. Action games are those that are racing, fighting, combat, strategy and racing. Adventure games are those that are suspenseful and filled with adventure. Arcade games are those that you play on machines such as slot machines, card games and other machines that you find in casinos. Card games include those like poker, blackjack, baccarat, dominoes and other casino card games.

Gameday offers free playing sites for many popular games including MSN, AOL and Yahoo. You can download demos of popular games for these sites and play for fun. Online gaming is becoming popular all over the world with people from all walks of life and from every age group. You will also get to meet people from all over the world who will be having the same interest as you. Playing online games is extremely cheap, convenient and fun.