Smartphones are the hot new thing these days, and they are certainly making life easier for everyone. A smartphone is basically a small portable electronic device which combines various communication functions and mobile phone functions into a single unit. You can store plenty of data on them, and with the availability of a touch screen, it becomes just as easy to use a smartphone as you would a normal mobile phone. Some people even consider them like miniature computers. That’s why buying your first smartphone is such an exciting step – you get to try out something which is very different from the ordinary. But then you also need to make sure that you choose the right smartphone.


There are several different types of smartphones available in the market today. Each one of them serves a particular purpose – from professional business users who want something sleek and slim, to regular individuals who want something with a bigger memory, to youngsters who want to own the hottest gadget around. So how do you choose a smartphone? Here are some tips and tricks that would help you choose the best smartphone for you:

Almost all modern smartphones come with a built-in email account. However, if you don’t want to integrate your email account with your smartphone or if you have no use for an email account other than the one provided by your mobile service provider, then you should consider getting a separate email account for your smartphone. Most smartphone services provide free email service, but this can sometimes pose problems for busy business users. If you only need to check your email in the morning or during office hours, then there’s no point in getting a separate email account, but if you’re a regular internet user who checks his or her email at least two times in a day, then you’d probably be better off getting a smartphone with a built-in email account where you can store your important emails and other documents.

The smartphone market has seen many competitors entering the market – but there are only a few powerful devices in the market today that can match the efficiency and power of Apple iPhone and HTC Desire. The impressive feature list of these two smartphones is truly mind-blowing. If you’re planning on purchasing a smartphone in the near future, you should definitely consider one of these two handsets. Aside from their impressive features, these two devices utilize different mobile operating systems so choosing a smartphone from this list of impressive smartphones may come down to preference and needs.

One impressive smartphone to consider is the iPhone 4. It comes with a sleek design, complete with a touch screen and an elegant look. On top of its sleek design, it offers one of the fastest mobile processors available in the market today as well as features such as 3G connectivity and the iOS applications that let you surf the internet as if you were sitting in your couch. If you’re looking for a smartphone with an excellent display, high-end processor speed and a huge memory space, then the iPhone is definitely one of the best choices you could make. But what if you need something a bit more flexible when it comes to performance and capabilities? You might want to consider the HTC Desire, which offers one of the most impressive features lists among modern smartphones today.

Even though the Android OS is still in its fledgling stage, the companies behind HTC Desire and iPhone offer enough functionality to make browsing through the internet and using social media apps a lot more enjoyable. If you want to browse the internet and stay up to date with your favorite social media sites, use the iPhone’s browser and the HTC Desire’s QWERTY keyboard to do it. No matter what you need from your smartphone, you should be able to find a smartphone in the iPhone and HTC Desire’s range that will suit your every need.